Meet the CEO


    Prothiba Ramadoss – Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

    Ms. Prathiba Ramadoss, Rounder, President and original CEO of Business Integra, is an award-winning entrepreneur. Her dynamic leadership, adaptive thinking and problem-solving over the past 20 years have propelled the company from a niche IT services firm to a large prime contracting IT, scientific and mission support powerhouse it is today, with a suite of proven enterprise service offerings that continuously enable the critical missions of the U.S. Government, NATO, the Space Station, states, and other institutions.


    An energetic and visionary leader, Ms. Ramadoss brings her ethical vision, competence, and sustained efforts to BI. She concentrates on optimizing corporate resources for attaining optimum success, and on strengthening daily corporate culture through collaboration and honest communication with client stakeholders and business partners to foster engagement, build winning strategies, and maintain long- term mutually beneficial relationships with partners and customers.


    Ms. Ramadoss’s greatness lies in her unwavering comment to ideals including innovative adaptiveness to lead, counsel and oversee BI corporate executives on business development, continuous growth and ongoing quality initiatives. She brings true care for all persons including clients and staff, and this leadership is reflected in every aspect of her ethical treatment of others and her high quality fulfillment of client requirements. Her insightful emotional intelligence and natural leadership ability have inspired BI to make bold decisions over the years that have molder the company into a full-scale multi-million- dollar corporation with continuous year-to year profit growth since inception.


    Ms. Ramadoss earned the Mini MBA from Boston University and a Bachelor’s degree and has gained master of IT management expertise even prior to formation of BI. She has presided over BI’s tremendous growth that is attributed in part to BI’s business model which emphasizes continuous innovation in transformation, extensive use of leading-edge IT technologies, advanced scientific concepts and systems engineering methods, implementing best practices, laser focus on customer needs, and periodic customer feedback reviews.


    Meet the Team

    Selva Jayaraman

    Founder and Chief Operating Officer

    Mr. Jayaraman is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for Business Integra. Along with helping his partner, Prathiba Ramadoss, pioneer and transform BI into the full-scale global operation it is today, he is primarily responsible for business development. This includes guiding the company towards new projects, broadening BI’s ongoing diversification into federal, state and other institutional contracts in several industries including integrated IT, cybersecurity, scientific and engineering solutions, and mission support. Mr. Jayaraman is dedicated to ensuring that BI provides our clients with the best possible technical solutions. He is an energetic leader who continually engages with business and government leaders, BI personnel, and thought leaders in various subject areas.


    Mr. Jayaraman has over 30 years of technical and management experience in multiple IT and scientific disciplines, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and a Master’s degree in computer applications.

    Lee Ann Anderson

    President, Federal Solutions Group (FSG)

    Ms. Anderson is President of the Federal Solutions Group (FSG) at Business Integra and is responsible for operations, Profit and Loss, and new business development in the federal sector, which accounts for the majority of our revenue. A natural leader with years of corporate experience, she has strong ties to high- ranking federal executives and oversees the delivery of our engineering, scientific, and information technology solutions to multiple agencies including NASA, FAA, DOS, DOL, IRS, NRC, HHS, and DoD. OUR BI federal program managers report to her. Prior to joining Business Integra, Ms. Anderson served as a Vice President at Unisys during a growth phase that far outpaced the market. The federal IT industry veteran led teams to create, propose, and oversee innovation management, technical solutions and business models, which resulted in improved mission outcomes and cost savings for contract wins with a combined value exceeding a staggering $7 billion at Unisys and CSC prior. She has received numerous accolades including the 2018 Fed Award. In addition, she has served as a Chair for numerous industry associations including the American Council on Technology – Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) and the Armed Forces Communications and Electronic Association (AFCEA). An active and engaged leader, she communicates on a daily basis with industry colleagues as well as the BI workforce.

    Padma Shinde

    Chief Financial Officer

    Ms. Shinde serves as Vice President of Finance and Operations for Business Integra. As such she is responsible for providing management expertise and solutions for finance, business development, human resources, legal, contracts and administrative affairs.

    Ms. Shinde’s integrity and commitment to BI’s success are driven by her passion for providing fiscal, strategic and operational leadership in challenging conditions including overseeing efforts across three continents. She has over 20 years of successful senior management experience with a strong performance track record in both turnaround management and fast-paced response to organizational change.

    Ms. Shinde holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce and an MBA in Accounting. She is certified as a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Management Accountant.

    Roberta Gargan

    Vice President Strategic Capture, Proposal Management and Sales Operations

    Ms. Gargan brings to Business Integra 25+ years of business, capture and program management excellence, a highly successful win record in capture management roles, and strategic capture leadership experience from Unisys Corporation, TRW/Inacom Corporation and JML Systems Management Inc. She is a strategic thinker who has mastered all elements of capture and proposal management, and is an excellent and energetic guide of BI Teams through these processes.

    Prior to joining BI, Ms. Gargan served as the Director of Strategic Capture Management for Unisys Federal where she led and captured large federal opportunities. She also led the Unisys team of senior Capture Managers supporting large federal complex solution-based business from identification through the full federal capture lifecycle to award. For 10 years at Unisys prior to leading that team, she was a highly successful Capture Manager and Sales Portfolio Executive. Earlier in her career she held leadership positions as a Senior Federal Program Manager for large complex IT infrastructure programs and a management leader for a financial institution operations center. Ms. Gargan brings to BI leadership skills, key industry relationships, expert-level knowledge of the capture lifecycle process, and win strategies..

    Trent Martin

    Vice President Aerospace, Engineering and Technology

    Mr. Martin oversees and manages Business Integra’s Houston Operations, which is dedicated to solutions in space through supporting NASA including solutions for the International Space Station. With over 20 years in the Aerospace and Oil and Gas industries, he utilizes his extensive Program & Project Management and Engineering Services background to help BI clients meet any new challenges that arise. His team’s innovative solutions have greatly improved the functioning of the International Space Station. Mr. Martin understands the unique NASA environment having served as an Associate Director of Engineering, Associate Director of Exploration Integration and Science, Branch Chief of a Project Manager group, Project Manager, Manufacturing Manager and Property Manager, through his over 10 years of NASA experience.

    Mr. Martin has worked with all of the NASA centers, NASA Headquarters, U.S. Department of Energy and internationally with over 60 different institutes from 17 countries. Prior to NASA, Mr. Martin spent many years in both the Oil and Gas and the Aerospace Industries where he honed his engineering, project management and business development skills. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and an MBA.

    David Pitts

    Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

    Mr. David Pitts joined Business Integra as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to advise on security matters for our clients including NASA, FAA, etc., and for BI corporate matters. He has broad expertise in all aspects of Information Technology including cybersecurity, cloud computing, IT engineering architecture, etc. He earned his Master of Science degree in Information Systems, and is certified in Security (CISSP, CSSP), Technology (ITIL), Auditing (GSNA), Privacy (CIPP/G), and Management (CISSP- ISSMP).

    A true leader, Mr. Pitts has also served as a lead on one of our major Federal contracts, managing the Engineering, Compliance, and Governance Group for the agency supporting air safety for all travelers. A seasoned executive with over 30 years of IT experience, Mr. Pitts has advised multiple state governments on technology and cybersecurity including Indiana, Maryland, Connecticut, and Mississippi. He possesses a broad portfolio of core competencies including program and project management, operating systems, databases, data centers, networks, security tools, business intelligence, SDLC, virtualization, cybersecurity standards and policy, and multiple forms of compliance (RMF, PCI-DCSS, SOX, HIPAA, etc.). He has outstanding speaking, writing, research, consultation, and interpersonal skills with nine books published and multiple online publications.


    You can reach Business Integra at 301-474-9600, or