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    About BI

    Business Integra {BI} is your premier, award winning organization for IT and cybersecurity, engineering/scientific solutions, and information management. We are an award-winning company identified in July 2020 as top 50 fastest growing woman-owned company based on last 5 years of performance, an Inc. Magazine top 500 global IT provider, recognized in Congressional testimony as part of the space innovation solution.

    Certifications include

    Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, with offices on 3 continents, we provide federal, state, and private sector solutioning, including mission critical clients. Our values include being client-centric, continuous striving for excellence, and supporting our world-class workforce with industry best employment practices.

    Why Integra?

    The name “integra” illustrates our company for several reasons. We combine multiple disciplines in an interdisciplinary manner to create innovative solutions for complex problems. We practice integrity in all our endeavors as a central guiding principle for all that we do. We recognize that ethics, transparency, adaptability, communication and collaboration are key to client satisfaction. Therefore we go the extra mile for quality control and continuous improvement for the services, products and deliverables we provide. We are respectful of all men and women regardless of their ethnicity and background or other demographic factors including our workforce members. We are also committed to integrating environmental considerations into our corporate decisions to promote sustainability into our client solutioning.

    Company Objectives

    • To keep current and competitive in all disciplines
    • To be a premier provider of cyber and integrated security for the United States Government
    • To perform all tasks with ethics, transparency and excellence
    • To excel in quality control and continuous process improvement in projects
    • To exceed expectations through aspirational customer service
    • To complete all projects and deliverables on time, within budget and fulfilling scope

    Our Strategy

    Since 2001 we have grown into a major competitor in several key sectors. Our next strategic goal is to continue to expand our provision of service in next-generation information technology solutions and scientific/engineering endeavors across federal, state and commercial sectors while continuing to exercise ethics and integrity above all in achieving our innovations and results.

    Why Choose Business Integra

    Core competencies and innovative solutions are just the beginning.

    Core Competencies: We are selected again and again by government and other important institutions for our innovative solutioning, expertise and our drive to succeed for our clients. BI excels in cybersecurity Agile application development, cloud computing, enterprise architecture, data analytics for intelligence, mobile and other emerging technologies, engineering solutions in space. Business Integra solutions have placed payload computers on the International Space Station for NASA, designed mobile apps for Job Corps, provided procurement services in Europe for NATO, contributed to the cybersecurity for FAA, IRS and others, protected IT those serving abroad at the State Department, exemplify our expertise in several areas.

    Matrix Team Cross-Pollination: Avoiding stovepipes, we create teams of our scientists, engineers, security experts, technicians and managers to freely exchange ideas and collaborate on strategic solutions that creatively and efficiently meet client mission goals. Our peer review process challenges one another. We retain ongoing contacts with academics and other industry leaders to remain fresh and retain our industry-leading edge.

    Best Talent Engine: We continuously seek out world class talent on a global basis, across 3 continents (North America, Europe, and Asia). Our “Rapid Recruiting Engine” has a ready-made database of cleared talent and continuously adds new members. In addition to recruiting, BI instills in staff our vision of ethical, cutting-edge products, services, and solutions that exceed expectations, resulting in streamlined processes, mitigated risks, reduced costs, and making a meaningful difference for our clients. Finally, our strategic support of our personnel through industry best benefits, genuine respect for all persons, and promotion of their professional growth across the board results in our industry-leading retention rate (over 95%) which also greatly benefits our clients.

    This combination of our Core Competencies, Matrix Team Cross Pollination, and Best Talent Engine combine as the BI Advantage.

    Mission, Vision, Values and Ethics


    We advance human progress as a global solutions provider of innovative solutions to 21 st Century professional needs.


    To provide world class information technology, cybersecurity, scientific, engineering, and mission support services to federal, state and other vital institutions.

    Values and Ethics

    BI is committed to producing ethical and efficient results that cut costs, reduce risks, secure data, solve technical problems, and advance human progress..