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    Business Integra brings its experienced and fully mature approach to all aspects of Cloud Computing. We have special relationships with AWS but also service work on other Cloud Platforms, including private, public or hybrid. We have the capability of analyzing requirements to formulate a comprehensive solution for highly complex organizations with hundreds of sectors as well as for smaller or less complex enterprises, as needed. We also have tremendous expertise in migrating existing non- cloud data into the cloud while maintaining the functionality of the system and implementing security in the new environment. We offer the entire range of services, from strategy, planning, development and implementation, and can provide business guidance to recommend optimal approaches. Because we have done this for many customers, we are extremely efficient and will zero in on a cost-effective solution quickly.


    We do not perform our Cloud Computing in isolation from our other areas of expertise. For an example of a typical successful project, Business Integra supported Department of Labor Jobcorps creating their Management dashboard providing insight into the statistics of their IGCSs for all regions nationwide. We worked on their generating Center and User statistics performance reports, hosting this in AWS Cloud and intersecting with both a Jaspersoft report server and with an Angular 8 application. We hosted the UI server on AWS cloud behind the elastic load balancer. This enabled Headquarters and Regional senior management to gain real time insight into behind the scenes data and thereby improve their processes.



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