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    Business Integra is truly a global company in every sense of the word. First of all, it has corporate offices on three continents, in North America, Europe, and Asia. Second it significantly provides services in International locations, including Europe and Asia. Business Integra is led by Prathiba Ramadoss and Selva Jayaraman, who while U.S. citizens, also have deep roots in India. Their appreciation for other cultures lends itself to great ease in adapting cutting edge professional services to a multitude of countries and cultural environments with tremendous success. For years, Business Integra has served clients in Europe and Asia, for example, and their contracts are routinely extended and option years exercised. See below for two major examples of Business Integra bringing its CMMI Maturilt Level 5 expertise in technical, IT, and scientific solutions in Europe and Asia. Note that both types of contract support require the ultimate ability to thrive in an international environment with deep appreciation and utilization of numerous foreign nations and environments.

    Case Study 2

    The Federal Aviation Administration needed a solution better integrating privacy...

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