Blockchain technology is impacting a variety of sectors in ways. Business Integra understands the futuristic needs of this technologies. BI’s Blockchain applications and solutions are designed to enforce our customers enterprise level systems to work more efficiently.


    Healthcare chain - Smart Contracts

    Our blockchain smart contracts help patients and doctors securely transfer sensitive medical information. The smart contracts establish the parameters of what data can be shared and even displays details of personalized health plans for each patient. 

    Cross-border payments

    BI’ Cross Border Payment  product builds cloud blockchain infrastructures for financial services. Our  cryptographic ledgers help financial institutions safely and efficiently handle the transfer of cryptocurrencies.

    Implementing Realtime IoT & Operating Systems

    BI creates software and microchip hardware that lets connected devices operate on blockchain. Out blockchain technology infused solutions supports encrypt ledger data, distribute real-time information to other blockchain-connected machines and allow for the monetization of those machines based on timestamps.

    Identity & Personal Security

    BI’s Identity Chain System (ICS) lets individuals manage their identities all over the web using distributed ledger technology. ICS stores private information, acts as a communication medium between the individual and entities wanting private information, and verifies information as true in real-time.

    Supply chain and logistics monitoring

    Block Array is BI’s cross functioned partner platform”. This platform is the first “Bill of Lading” to run on blockchain. This platform helps businesses safely monitor the progress of their shipped goods, house information on drivers and materials, and manage payments. Block Array also features smart contract processing and secure document management.

    Improving Voting mechanism

    Blockchain has the potential to cut through millions of hours of red tape every year, hold public officials accountable through smart contracts and provide transparency by recording a public record of all activity, according to the New York Times.  BI focuses on developing variant solutions to improve the voting mechanism such as blockchain voter platform, implementing smart contracts for voter registration.

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