Case Study 3

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    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) manages personal financial information for all the many millions of tax-paying individuals and business entities, and cutting edge IT security is a must to protect this vast among of sensitive data. In order to ensure the maximum possible security of its IT systems, IRS contracted with Business Integra for penetration testing and related cyber-security services. Business Integra met the challenge and upgraded the security posture of IRS after thorough penetration, code analysis, vulnerability management and related technical evaluation using both automated and manual tools. In addition to evaluations, Business Integra provided recommendations for hardening the security posture. Business Integra was rewarded with additional cyber-security contract work for IRS and received kudos such as this: “BI Team members always met the schedule and delivers detailed reports to our IRS customers. Our ITS customers like their team. In addition, BI folks helped us with the interview process for hiring new Security Code Reviewers for our IRS/PTCA Contract.”

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