Data Analytics

    What We Offer

    Business Integra has the professional and technical expertise to deliver superior Data Analytics for any customer. Our experience includes data analytics transformation for multiple federal agencies including Department of Defense, NASA, and across departments supporting R & D, cyber security, internal financial systems as well as citizen-facing applications. Business Integra specializes in a suite of capabilities including plug-and-play analytics capabilities that can incorporate appropriate data from unstructured and disparate data sources. Our approach uses open source and other tools and data connectors that have proven successful in reducing both capital and operational cost for our customers.


    We have been extremely successful because of our ability to apply our ISO and CMMI certified maturity levels to cutting edge solutions for Data Analytics, and in our industry-leading ability to combine data and cyber security. Our uniqueness includes our talent in reading from virtually any data source and converting the data points into meaningful, usable intelligence that is also highly secure. As a result, we have had work expanded on our contracts from initial program management to enhanced data analytics and cyber security. We have been successful in bringing about greater maturity in the customers that we service in such areas, and they have continually renewed, extended, and expanded our data analytics support.


    For one example of our success, one of our federal R & D clients had 30 different data sources with unstructured data which contained valuable but disparate and unconnected nuggets of data; Business Integra built data pools and deployed tools that made the data searchable, sharable, organized, insightful, and secure. The outcome was that because of our solution, the client could just search the tool and run reports to make decisions that were not possible before.

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    Cybersecurity services include incident response, threat hunting, information security, FEDRAMP compliance, cloud security, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, enterprise security architecture, and IT security management. Note that our Cybersecurity services are also fully integrated with IT Engineering Services. We have provided the complete menu of Cybersecurity services for numerous federal agencies as well as for States.


    The Aerospace, Science, Engineering, and Technology (ASET) Division of Business Integra is headquartered in Houston, Texas to be near the Johnson Space Center.  Our clients include NASA, MIT, The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Jacobs Engineering, and Academia Sinica of Taiwan.  our scientists and engineers create next-generation designs, and provide project management, analysis, consulting, testing and operations. Since 2015 we have supported achievements on the International Space Station including development of new technology such as the UTTPS, an improved cooling system installed in December 2019.


    Business Integra has extensive expertise in application development including Agile processes.  We leverage our prestigious CMMI Level 4 for Development certification to deliver best-in-class Agile application development, DevOps, and DevSecOps for our clients.  Our ScrumMasters, developers and graphic interface (GUI) professionals work in sync to create exceptional deliverables.  our portfolio of techniques includes:

    • Code reviews
    • Peer reviews
    • Iterative deliverables
    • Close client involvement
    • Reliance on automation
    • 2-week Sprints
    • Daily tag-ups (scrums)
    • Backlog Grooming
    • Retrospectives
    • Continuous Delivery
    • Continuous integration
    • QA/QC
    • Quick bug fixes
    • DevOps
    • DevSecOps


    BI has provided IT Service Management for numerous federal agencies for many years.  In addition, for the ISS National Laboratory, we have flown the SG200 Cloud Computer Payload.  We offer:  complete integration services, hardware and Software development that meets rigorous requirements.  For ISS national Laboratory our SG100 line of single board computers includes a space rated, high speed processor with HRDL and onboard storage capability.  For the researcher who has high data demands, this allows processing of valuable data ensuring use of least amount of downlink resources.


    We understand large federal enterprises from business, technology, stakeholder, and end-user perspectives.  We understand physical services – and we understand virtualization.  From Cisco switches to the Cloud, Business Integra provides an array of IT services that keep global systems afloat.  We have a keen understanding of the interplay between data centers, infrastructure, O&M, applications, and help desks.  This broad, in-depth complex view of the IT that goes into daily operations is why federal agencies task us again and again to support their networks and operations.  We deploy only top talent – certified technicians and recognized subject matter experts in the field. 


    Business Integra provides wide-ranging mission support to institutions – duties distinct from our IT, engineering, and scientific areas of expertise.  We generate serious value-added solutions that benefit agency stakeholders and their constituents alike.  Our business analysts find ways to cut costs, eliminate wasteful projects, and streamline processes.  Our mission support teams provide excellence, creativity and continuity of services in areas like: 

    • Business process consulting
    • Compliance
    • Cost-benefit analyses
    • Enterprise architecture
    • Facilities management
    • Financial analyses
    • Forensics analysis
    • FOIA support
    • Privacy support
    • Help desk
    • human capital management
    • Logistics
    • Performance management support
    • Procurement management
    • Program and project management
    • Records management
    • Risk assessments and consultations
    • SharePoint administration
    • Strategic planning and analysis
    • Supply chain management (SCM)
    • Talent acquisition
    • Technical editing and writing
    • Vendor management
    • Website graphics and redesigns

    Mission support services include Business process consulting, Cost-benefit analyses, Supply chain management (SCM), Program and project management, Forensics analysis, Risk assessments and consultations, Privacy and FOIA.

    People, process and Technology

    Clearly a project cannot succeed without the best possible personnel who are subject matter experts in the field, and cutting edge technologies and solutions are a must to achieve optimal modern outcomes. Business Integra has positioned itself to recruit and retain top personnel, and is continuously reviewing and promoting technological advancements.  It is the processes that unite the people with the technology to permit the achievement of greatness, as is well recognized by CMMI programs.  Since BI is a CMMI Level 5 in Services and Level 4 in Development, we are clearly dedicated to the proposition that our processes need to be continually refined and improved to generate streamlined, cost-effective and elegant solutions.  This approach helps explain our success in achieving industry leading quality which undergirds our success. 

    You can contact our HR team regarding any inquiries or have our representative contact you.