Data Analytics, AI & Blockchain

    What We Offer

    Business Integra has the professional and technical expertise to deliver superior Data Analytics for any customer. Our experience includes data analytics transformation for multiple federal agencies including Department of Defense, NASA, and across departments supporting R & D, cyber security, internal financial systems as well as citizen-facing applications. Business Integra specializes in a suite of capabilities including plug-and-play analytics capabilities that can incorporate appropriate data from unstructured and disparate data sources. Our approach uses open source and other tools and data connectors that have proven successful in reducing both capital and operational cost for our customers.


    We have been extremely successful because of our ability to apply our ISO and CMMI certified maturity levels to cutting edge solutions for Data Analytics, and in our industry-leading ability to combine data and cyber security. Our uniqueness includes our talent in reading from virtually any data source and converting the data points into meaningful, usable intelligence that is also highly secure. As a result, we have had work expanded on our contracts from initial program management to enhanced data analytics and cyber security. We have been successful in bringing about greater maturity in the customers that we service in such areas, and they have continually renewed, extended, and expanded our data analytics support.


    For one example of our success, one of our federal R & D clients had 30 different data sources with unstructured data which contained valuable but disparate and unconnected nuggets of data; Business Integra built data pools and deployed tools that made the data searchable, sharable, organized, insightful, and secure. The outcome was that because of our solution, the client could just search the tool and run reports to make decisions that were not possible before.

    Whether it is Mobile, Web or custom application development, BI has its foundational roots in delivering well-engineered products and platforms with quality and at scale. From BI, every application is architecturally underpinned with cyber security and advanced analytics with optional plug-ins for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning(ML), Robotic Process Automation(RPA), programmable Bots and Blockchain technology.

    Why BI as a preferred partner for Application Development, Data Analytics, AI & Blockchain?

    BI is at the forefront on integrating emerging technologies from leading vendors into its PentaForce® solution – to directly benefit its clients. All advanced and emerging technologies and tools are tested for security, scalability, flexibility and effectiveness. Every module that is developed is designed to be responsive across platforms, browsers and devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) and designed to be secure. More than 30 agencies including within DoD and NASA have benefited from BI’s application development support and innovation.


    BI’s digital transformation expertise features change management across people, process and technology to (r)evolutionalize tools and processes through user/citizen centric design approach and rapid deployment cycles.

    BI’s Innovation Lab leads industry in inventing, testing and deploying new and emerging technologies. Read more about our recent success.


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