Enterprise Architecture

    What We Offer

    Business Integra has a CMMI Level 5 maturity which it applies to expert Enterprise Architecture (EA) services to numerous customers, such as NASA Goddard, Navy Installation Command, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, and Federal Aviation Administration, to name a few. Business Integra provides analytical, technical, and management expertise and assists organizations in consolidating applications and systems, reducing legacy networks, standardizing and optimizing operations and services through EA while managing and maintaining the portfolio management and successfully transitioning infrastructure to meet new regulatory requirements. Our expertise is greatly appreciated by our customers, who have routinely given us stellar evaluations and renewed or extended our contracts for EA. Business Integra designs EA in full compliance with Federal regulations and NIST Security standards, and develops innovative cutting edge approaches across cloud and on prem capabilities. In addition, Business Integra has the capability of designing EA solutions for very complex networks: for example, developed the EA for U.S. Navy 11 Regions and more than 80 Base Installations across CONUS and OCONUS locations. Business Integra has an excellent understanding of the complexity of maintaining current systems while designing and migrating to streamlined and modern networks, and in seamlessly keeping operational function while transforming the EA. Feel free to reach out to Business Integra to discuss your challenges.

    People, process and Technology

    Clearly a project cannot succeed without the best possible personnel who are subject matter experts in the field, and cutting edge technologies and solutions are a must to achieve optimal modern outcomes. Business Integra has positioned itself to recruit and retain top personnel, and is continuously reviewing and promoting technological advancements.  It is the processes that unite the people with the technology to permit the achievement of greatness, as is well recognized by CMMI programs.  Since BI is a CMMI Level 5 in Services and Level 4 in Development, we are clearly dedicated to the proposition that our processes need to be continually refined and improved to generate streamlined, cost-effective and elegant solutions.  This approach helps explain our success in achieving industry leading quality which undergirds our success. 

    You can contact our HR team regarding any inquiries or have our representative contact you.