BI Innovation LAB

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    BI 360™ Matures it’s AI/ML Capabilities


    BI 360™,  Business Integra’s comprehensive technology solution center to provide valuable comprehensive and well-rounded capabilities has matured its AI capabilities.’

    BI 360™ - Real Intelligence Applied to Artificial Intelligence™

    To cut through all the hype and get to real solutions, BI’s innovation lab worked with industry partners to solve complex supply-chain challenges and address gaps in tracea bility, predictive inventory needs and customer behavior. These gaps/needs led the team to develop Machine Learning (ML) modules to observe the movement of data across all processes and systems, develop no-code, drag-and-drop business process capabilities to deliver solutions, and employ quantum computing to churn large sets of data and workstreams

    Our Predictive Analytics Engine Predicts a Bright Future!

    BI 360™ already features data lakes and pools of structured and unstructured test data for detecting Cyber Security risks, Organizational Process Flows, Financial Transactions, and Customer Clicks/Mobile Taps. BI is well positioned to mine on complex data, apply predictive algorithms and machine learning software using open source tools.


    We Reduce Time to Market and Total Cost of Ownership

    Our pre-packaged tools and no-code modules are highly efficient and follow DevSecOps capabilities to rapidly roll capabilities into production and work closely with customer needs on agility, security and scalability.