Mission Support

    What We Offer

    We understand large federal enterprises from business, technology, stakeholder, and end-user perspectives. We understand physical servers – and we understand virtualization. From Cisco switches to the Cloud, Business Integra provides an array of IT services that keep global systems afloat.  We have a keen understanding of the interplay between data centers, infrastructure, O&M, applications, and help desks. This broad, in-depth, complex view of the IT that goes into daily operations is why federal agencies task us again and again to support their networks and operations. We deploy only top talent – certified technicians and recognized subject-matter experts – into the field. Here are but a few samples of our O&M activities:


    Security for State

    NOC for NASA


    IS&P for FAA


    Supporting the Intel Community

    Rapid Resource Engine of Cleared Candidates

    You can contact our HR team regarding any inquiries or have our representative contact you.