Supporting State, Local and Education (SLED) Clients

    Business Integra has a robust program supporting our SLED Clients, and has Master Contract Vendors in place across the United States for SLED Vehicles, from Maryland to Florida to California. Many SLED Clients lack the staff or expertise to create transformational change or introduce technological solutions as that is nor their core mission; that’s where we come in. We have the experience and proven record to assist State, Local and Education clients with innovative and modern solutions to problems, including IT support, cybersecurity such as protecting against ransomware, program management, enterprise architecture, agile development and implementing new solutions. Our overwhelming success arises both from our culture of dedication to excellence as a CMMI Maturity Level 5 company, and our Adaptable Iterative Management Solution approach to addressing client solutions. This approach assures not only superior performance, but superior communication, risk management, comprehensive solutioning, adaptability, and quality improvement. We recognize that State, Local and Educational institutions must function not only using best business practices, but also complying with the relevant regulatory environment of State, Local and Educational statutes, regulations, and mandates. We have the experience and professional staff to fully understand and excel under those conditions and provide elegant, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for our SLED clients. We experience a nearly 100% positive reviews and re-hire rate as part of our proven track record of success for these SLED clients, and our portfolio continues to grow year after year in this area because of our superior competency and stellar reputation.

    State & Local Contracts:

    • CATS+
    • City of Baltimore - B50005580 – Enterprise Support Staff

    • CMAS
    • IT-MAS